Note: Since writing this post I’ve found a second online service for embedding blogs: Like RSS feed, this service allows free or paid accounts, depending on the features you need.

I found a great tool for converting the RSS feed on a blog into HTML so that it’s visible in a web site.   While it’s somewhat complicated to actually integrate a blog into an existing web site, this method simply puts the latest couple of posts wherever you’d like them to appear.  Then you can link to your blog from there.

The really cool part is that it can be done with PHP.  Since PHP interacts with the browser to output HTML, the search engines see the text from your blog!  This is better than the alternative, (JavaScript), which does its work on the client side, after the page has “arrived”. In this latter case, the search engines only see the JavaScript, not the blog text;  so of course they don’t interpret it as new or relevant content.

Oh, BTW, here’s the free tool from

And here’s what you need:
– Enough HTML knowledge to insert code and upload a page
– A web host that runs PHP
– A web page that runs PHP, or the knowledge to use a Server Side Include.    You may be able to just change the page name from .html to .php
– Your RSS feed URL.  Easiest way to get that is to subscribe to your own RSS feed, then click the link in your RSS favorites, and go there.

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