Here’s what he did:

  1. Chose the top two leading brands of flea control (xxxxxxx  vs  yyyyyyy for you pet-owners).  As it happens, they are quite different. So, our protagonist…
  2. He created an informed and thoughtful website about just that topic:  xxxxxxx  vs  yyyyyyy
  3. He put the website on a domain named…   can you guess?  xxxxxxx- vs- yyyyyyy  .org
  4. On his website, at the end of a very informative article, he funnels you into a choice between the two products, and..
  5. Links you to some inexpensive sources.

funnelThese links are probably affiliate links – meaning he might be getting a commission on a sale that comes from his website.  Honestly, I  don’t know.  But the point is that he could be making a small passive income from helping consumers decide on these two competing products, and making money no matter what people decide! 

It’s brilliant.  I’m not fully a committed capitalist, to tell the truth, but I admire his spirit.  And if you think it’s “cheeky” of him, remember this:  Either of these products is a good choice.  Our dog-friends are certainly better off when their people make an informed choice about this stuff.


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