girlI’m so excited I can’t stand it.  You might not be that impressed, but…

I just found a new WordPress plug-in called Resize Image After Upload by Jepson Rae.  As the name implies, it takes a photo or image that you’ve uploaded to your blog, and re-sizes it to a size that WordPress can easily work with.  Wordpress will then use TimThumb or some other app to further compress and re-size as needed for smaller images and thumbnails.

Why is this so exciting?  Because today’s cameras take pictures that are HUGE in terms of both size and space requirements, and until now there were only 3 options for my website clients who use WordPress:

  1. Learn quite a bit about image optimization for the web and maybe buy expensive software.
  2. Pay me to optimize images (and perhaps wonder what they’re getting out of the deal).
  3. Ignore all photo optimization wisdom and clog up your website with massive files (which leads to sloooow load times and other problems).

Now there’a better way, and I don’t have to explain to clients why they should care about image resolution, pixels and compression.

This nifty plug-in will do all the work in the background whenever a website administrator uploads a photo.  THEN (this is so cool), they can edit the photo right in WordPress!  OK, that feature’s been around for awhile but I just noticed it.

What this means is that regular folks can now get photos from their cameras to their websites without a hassle.  Woohoo!

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