screenshot-450We are proud to announce the launch of the Sports Venue Traveler website.  Rick Lindsay, the website owner, has been traveling the globe to attend major sporting events since his father took him to his first Dodgers game as a young boy.

Rick has made many contacts in pro and college level sports. He wanted to share his passion by creating a site where fans, coaches & athletes could log and track  their travels & events.  After a few false starts, he hired BeauCreations Web Design.

This database driven website presents a special challenge for the developer; it accepts entries from its users, then retrieves the data on demand, sorted by sport, author, date or venue.  Users can view each other’s data and even message one another, but their privacy is protected during the entire process.

Thanks to the power of WordPress and Formidable software, Rick’s website does everything he envisioned and more.

In addition to working on the “guts”, BeauCreations enjoyed doing the graphics and logo for this vibrant website.  Rick was a pleasure to work with, and we wish him every success with Sports Venue Traveler, the site that invites you to document your travels.


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