rhodes-law-websiteBeauCreations recently launched a new website for The Rhodes Law Firm.  We’d like to congratulate Tracy Rhodes, our long-term client, on her newly created law firm in Marietta.  The firm is new, but Tracy and her partner Caitlyn Kerr have many years experience in Family Law and Real Estate Law in North Georgia.  Tracy is a top-rated Family Law attorney on Avvo.  She’s also a great writer, and her blog posts on family law are attention-getters that attract people to her website while giving them much-needed information.

This is not the first website we’ve done for Tracy.  You can see a screenshot of the old website below. Built in 2012, it was straightforward and no-nonsense, which suits Tracy’s style.  While there’s nothing overtly dated about this website, you can see that design trends have changed a bit since 2012!

It turns out that savvy internet users pick up on modern web design even if they aren’t interested in design or can’t articulate what’s different.  It’s the old “you know it when you see it” thing.

And it’s not just about looks.  Modern websites are more user-friendly.  They grab attention right away, and help “funnel”  users to the right place, sans a bunch of extraneous searching & clicking.  They perform great on mobile devices, and make it easy for prospective clients to get in touch with you.

rhodes-old-websiteTracy was wise enough to know that an updated website was critical to the launch of her new firm.  She changed domain names as well, and we were careful to ensure that web traffic from the old site is forwarded properly to the new domain name.

Now, after about 5 weeks, we are able to assess monthly traffic.  The new site has gotten more than double the monthly traffic when compared to any month for which we have data on the old website. Additionally, the bounce rate — that’s the percentage of people who leave your site immediately — has dropped significantly.  This is an indication that visitors are finding what they want, and staying to engage with the website.

Tracy is always a pleasure to work with;  We wish her and Rhodes Law every success in the future!