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rhodes-law-websiteBeauCreations recently launched a new website for The Rhodes Law Firm.  We’d like to congratulate Tracy Rhodes, our long-term client, on her newly created law firm in Marietta.  The firm is new, but Tracy and her partner Caitlyn Kerr have many years experience in Family Law and Real Estate Law in North Georgia.  Tracy is a top-rated Family Law attorney on Avvo.  She’s also a great writer, and her blog posts on family law are attention-getters that attract people to her website while giving them much-needed information.

This is not the first website we’ve done for Tracy.  You can see a screenshot of the old website below. Built in 2012, it was straightforward and no-nonsense, which suits Tracy’s style.  While there’s nothing overtly dated about this website, you can see that design trends have changed a bit since 2012!

It turns out that savvy internet users pick up on modern web design even if they aren’t interested in design or can’t articulate what’s different.  It’s the old “you know it when you see it” thing.

And it’s not just about looks.  Modern websites are more user-friendly.  They grab attention right away, and help “funnel”  users to the right place, sans a bunch of extraneous searching & clicking.  They perform great on mobile devices, and make it easy for prospective clients to get in touch with you.

rhodes-old-websiteTracy was wise enough to know that an updated website was critical to the launch of her new firm.  She changed domain names as well, and we were careful to ensure that web traffic from the old site is forwarded properly to the new domain name.

Now, after about 5 weeks, we are able to assess monthly traffic.  The new site has gotten more than double the monthly traffic when compared to any month for which we have data on the old website. Additionally, the bounce rate — that’s the percentage of people who leave your site immediately — has dropped significantly.  This is an indication that visitors are finding what they want, and staying to engage with the website.

Tracy is always a pleasure to work with;  We wish her and Rhodes Law every success in the future!

screenshot-450We are proud to announce the launch of the Sports Venue Traveler website.  Rick Lindsay, the website owner, has been traveling the globe to attend major sporting events since his father took him to his first Dodgers game as a young boy.

Rick has made many contacts in pro and college level sports. He wanted to share his passion by creating a site where fans, coaches & athletes could log and track  their travels & events.  After a few false starts, he hired BeauCreations Web Design.

This database driven website presents a special challenge for the developer; it accepts entries from its users, then retrieves the data on demand, sorted by sport, author, date or venue.  Users can view each other’s data and even message one another, but their privacy is protected during the entire process.

Thanks to the power of WordPress and Formidable software, Rick’s website does everything he envisioned and more.

In addition to working on the “guts”, BeauCreations enjoyed doing the graphics and logo for this vibrant website.  Rick was a pleasure to work with, and we wish him every success with Sports Venue Traveler, the site that invites you to document your travels.



BeauCreations is pleased to announce the launch of the Azalea Chapter website!

The Azalea Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society provides information and resources for its members and the public, including  field trips, garden tours, co-op purchases, monthly newsletters and social events.

In Georgia, most of the world’s deciduous azaleas grow naturally, and most evergreen azaleas thrive. That may be part of the reason why this organization has a very dedicated and knowledgeable group of gardeners, scholars, speakers and photographers.

The website is built on the Joomla! content management system, and has some great features, including a rotating news carousel, an events calendar, a fantastic set of photo galleries, and an eNews mailing list that automatically sends blog updates.  All of these can be kept up to date by the organization’s board members, without the help of a web designer.

But the most impressive aspects of the website is the amount and quality of knowledge and resources it brings together;  it’s a must-visit for hobbyists, enthusiasts and experts!

I’m proud of my involvement with this website, and wish to thank Charlie Andrews, Azalea Chapter President, for his hard work and dedication.

Best Wishes to The Azalea Chapter!

BeauCreations is proud to launch a new website for Aames Plumbing, aka The Pink Plumber.
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We just launched a website for Earl Johnson, CPA, a local accountant.  Earl chose to do a Starter Website, a good choice for folks who just need a 4-5 page brochure website with no added features or functionality.

Visit Website

Mr Johnson’s going to have BeauCreations set up and manage a Google Adwords campaign – a good use for the money he saved on the website.  Hmmm. Maybe that’s an idea for a “package” we could offer: “Starter Website and Adwords Campaign“…  ?


Well, this isn’t exactly News, since the site was launched months ago.  And it isn’t exactly a new Website, since  I simply migrated a blog and re-designed the header image.

But it’s a nice website – a WordPress site, with all the functionality that implies.  It goes to show how a simple – and inexpensive – it can be to get an online presence in the form of a website that can be edited by its owners.

The Network of Rural Women Producers (NRWP) in Trinidad & Tobago seeks to provide rural women with access to credit for micro-business projects, to contribute to government policies regards the special needs of rural women producers, and to provide marketing support and training.  The NRWP is the Trinidad & Tobago chapter of CANROP – The Caribbean Network of Rural Women Producers, which also includes rural women of Barbados, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica.

But my little write-up here does not do justice to the vibrance of this organization.  For that, you have to visit the website, and look at their signature event:  the upcoming MANGO FESTIVAL!

Go to website: Georgia Native AzaleasEarl Sommerville has been collecting, propagating and photographing Georgia’s Native Azaleas for almost 50 years.

This very simple Starter Website has only one purpose:  to show off his beautiful photo collection.

What’s unique about the website is the technology used.  Cool Iris takes your images (via an RSS feed) directly from your Picasa, Flickr, or other collection, and displays them in this stunning, lightning fast photo browser.  You have to look at Earl’s photo page to see what I mean!

BeauCreations Web Design just launched a website for Terri Howell, Certified Court Reporter from Rome, Georgia.  Terri needed a simple, affordable website with a form that helps clients schedule court reporting services. No bells or whistles, just an online presence that helps potential customers to find her locally.

More on Starter Websites

Maintenance Cooperative, Inc.  is in the business of cleaning theaters.  What sets them apart from other janitorial services is the professional integrity that owner Jay Scovill brings to the table.   Theater managers know they can count on Jay to make sure that things are done right, their facilities are secure, and everyone involved is treated fairly.

BeauCreations Web Design recently re-created the Maintenance Cooperative website.  It was a pleasure to work with Jay, who took the time to educate me about his company values, business model, and future plans.  Jay had the following goals for his new website:

  • Design: Update the look while preserving the original logo artwork
  • SEO: Get “found” by search engines for terms like “theater cleaning”, and “janitorial service theaters”
  • Content: Update copy, draw attention to the certifications held by staff
  • Functionality:  Improve navigation and online forms.  Add a training video.

While these goals have been met, the website is still a work in progress. In particular, it may take months for the SEO improvements to be fully realized.  However, we are tracking search engine results, and have seen a marked improvement; Maintenance Cooperative is in first or second position for several of our keyphrases already!


On Schedule Consultants websiteWe’re pleased to announce the completion of the brochure website for On Schedule Consultants.

On Schedule Consultants works for building owners and construction contractors, creating and analyzing the complicated CPM  schedules that are so critical to large building projects.

Martin McInnerney, VP / Senior Project Consultant, was a pleasure to work with.  Our goal was to create a “one-click”, audience-friendly website; All important  information is linked to the front page. Potential clients can quickly appreciate On Schedule Consultants areas of expertise, including past projects, services offered and software used, without even leaving the home page.  Additional information on any of these topics is just one click away; hence the “one-click” website.    For a small website that sells a service, this is a great format – which explains why it’s become so popular on the internet!

Best Wishes to On Schedule Consultants for a fulfilling and prosperous future in the ATL!